About Us
Unifix  Plast  Pvt.  Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) that is used in different industry for different purpose. We manufacture PUF Spray for roof insulation and sandwiched panels for roof and wall. Our manufactured PUF work as excellent insulation for Pipes, Panels  and Ducts used in different industry. We have the provision of not only manufacturing, but also supply and erection by our expert team to the end users.

Ours is  a professionally managed company started by the veteran PVC and uPVC industrialist Madan Lal Agarwal who,  from his experience for over 3 decades,  has diversified into PUF manufacturing as alternate and support to PVC and uPVC. Unifix Plast under his flagship and with a team of dynamic young entrepreneur, has successfully erected and commissioned projects in large, medium and small scale industries in India. Quality assurance and our cost effective solutions, give  sound, leak proof & give aesthetic look to the building, installations and piping and different ducts used in industries.

Plot 8, Phase II, Kasba Industrial Estate,
Kolkata - 700 107
Phone: (033) 2443 0936 / 0937, 0068
Fax : (033) 2443 1176
e-mail : unifixplast@gmail.com
Website : www.unifixplast.in
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